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Security is a multidisciplinary area that is responsible for minimizing the risks in the industry. Assumed that all industrial activity has inherent dangers that need proper management.

Therefore, it requires the protection of workers and medical monitoring, implementation of engineering controls and training linked to risk control and the application of engineering techniques.

DAmong the new market trends we find that security in the execution of your maneuvers is indispensable that at the same time goes hand in hand with the experience of the personnel who perform the work, is the way to perfect development of your projects.

"Do not be swayed by instinct, Safety above all is not a responsibility, it is an obligation, do not forget it"

To enable you to perform maneuvers safely, we offer hoisting engineering services, from conception of your project to implementation of the assemblies.

  • 1. Structural analysis.
  • 2. Basic design hoisting plan.
  • 3. Logistics and safe movement of loads.
  • 4. Monitoring the execution of maneuvers.
  • 5. Engineering design movements (kinematic).
  • 6. Technical assistance.

Engineering Applications

Related to Risk Control.